Concept Overview
This was a co-op contractual project with the Rotman School of Commerce.  My team of 5 UX specialists collaborated to improve the Rotman Commerce Student Portal navigation experience, as well as improving notifications and information access about upcoming events and important dates.   
Case Study: Rotman's Student Portal
Rotman Commerce caters to approximately 3000 undergraduate students within 4 academic streams: Management, Accounting, Finance, and Economics.  Students in all streams utilize the portal to accomplish a range of tasks, including booking time with career counselors and searching for co-op and internship opportunities.  The existing portal was incredibly text heavy, did not include push notifications, was not used in tandem with any form of social media, and was almost completely internal in scope.  In addition to students not necessarily being aware of when updates or changes were made to the options available on the portal's career learning network, it was often very difficult to navigate the portal when looking for a specific piece of information.  
Our team proposed a hybrid of simplified website architecture as well as a collaborative social media rollout to inform students of important events for the CFA program and other important events associated with the Rotman career learning network.  These simplifications also included mobile bootstrapping for the Rotman student portal.  
Next Steps
The Rotman Commerce Admissions office used this work to update and improve upon their current student portal, and continues to do their own research exclusive of our project.
Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

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