Concept Overview
The following was a collaborative project with the intention of launching a blockchain based card-game.  This project has since been put on hold.
Background: Gamifying the History of Crypto
The intention of this project was to create a gaming metaverse where players could learn about the history of crypto; collect, trade, and battle with cards based on key figures in the blockchain ecosystem and new emergent concepts.  We planned to create factions of players depending on their interests within blockchain and crypto currency.  Such factions included Miners (those who predominantly spent time mining currency and looking for ways to expand their portfolio), and Professors (those who were interested in developing aspects of blockchain technology and new emergent projects).  
My Contributions
Initial Rollout: "Ages" of Crypto
The initial activation planned was a simple web game that, collectively would allow users to accumulate 'hash,' a resource required to push the development cycle forward.  This is meant to signify the hash rate associated with crypto transactions.  Players would continue down an endless hallway type sidescroller and continue to collect resources alongside other early adopters.  Players would use unique NFT avatars that would be granted to them upon association with the project (joining the Discord Server and becoming a member of the community)
Platformer Prototype
[prototype under construction; thank you for your consideration]
Next Steps and Future Research
[this project is currently on hiatus; thank you for your consideration]
Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Unity Engine

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